Twitter warns UK People for Wrong Tweets

Broken an injunction?
It’s the fail whale for you
Tony Wang, the senior Twitter executive heading up the social network’s London office, now warned UK tweeters any injunction-breaking done on the website would see them left to defend themselves.

Speaking at the e-G8 Forum, a gathering of’digital leaders’ in the G8 nations, Wang responded to questions within the recent super-injunction furore which has spread across Twitter which saw several users tweeting the name of a certain footballer, in combination with a story about an extra-marital affair while a court order was in place to protect against any traditional media from reporting the story.

He said,”Platforms have a responsibility, to not defend that user except to protect that user’s right to defend him or herself.”

What’s happening?

But, he continued, they would be on their own, while Twitter would”let them exercise their own legal rights under their own jurisdiction, whether that’s a motion to quash the order or to oppose it or do a range of other things to shield themselves.”

Wang also admitted that Twitter would willingly give up users’ information if”legally required”, but these users would also be told that their personal details had been provided.

Twitter enjoyed quite the visitors increase during the whole ordeal, however; even before the real play took off UK traffic to the site was up by as much as 14 per cent; by Saturday, Twitter traffic was 10 percent higher than the site’s previous busiest day in the UK.